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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lip lust

                                                     MAC - Scarlet Ibis

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lip lust

                  Collection 2000 Cherry Pop  NB Bleeds like a ******

Friday, 15 June 2012

Lark laments

You are familiar with the scenario - girl meets 'OMG - can't live without' product - product gets cruelly discontinued. The End of that beautiful affair.
Well in my life I have been 'abandoned' a few times by products that I believed was 'happily ever after'. Oh MAC Rubine how you haunt me ( that was the best matte rasberry reddy/pink ever).
Sorry, I digress. My sad lament today is for Becca's Bird of Paradise face gloss.
I've had my little compact for years and as I hit pan I know the end is near.
You see there are plenty of face highlighters, shimmers, glosses about but for me, this delievered that perfect wet, sheeny look without the excessive stickiness.
Summers won't be the same without it #sigh#.
It was discontinued last year and I was unable to stock up.
So farewell....
F x
You can see a detailed review HERE

                              What products have you loved and lost?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lip Lust

Illamasqua - Encounter lipstick with Maybelline Fatal Red

Love F x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Foot fetish

This was originally going to be a longer post, however I have revision to do so this is a quickie.
So much for sunshine and warm weather in the UK, but to fool myself into thinking it's summer I headed for a pedicure at my local salon.

I shunned the citrus brights for a classic red with an added layer of glitter (not quite Dorothy's shoes... but nearly).
I brought along my own Illamasqua's nail varnish in Ruthless which I requested they layer on top Barry M 150 red glitter. I love the subtle twinkly efffect and at least I can say I have happy feet!

Illamasqua HERE
Barry M HERE

What nail colours/combinations are you flaunting this summer?
Love F x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lark Life - Cats!

You have seen the title of this post and are probably thinking  - warning - 'mad cat lady' alert.
Not far wrong.
You see I have always had cats (I grew up in a house that was pretty much a cat sanctuary) and well I love 'em!
I thought I'd introduce you to the feline family members  (Missy and Chowmein) and others sadly no longer with us (sniff).

Missy Poo!
Chow mein!    

Juicy Bruce RIP
Tuff puff RIP

Friday, 8 June 2012

When you are not the bride

Wedding season is upon us and even if we are not the bride, looking good is still a priority.
Now in the world of Asian (Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi) weddings there is no such thing as outdoing the bride. Everyone wants to look super glam, super made up and super duper really.
There is usually enough bling in the room to put Blackpool Pier illuminations to shame.
I am not a fan of dressing up like a Christmas tree to these events and certainly don't wear the whole colour wheel on my face - unlike some - I kid you not.
Duochrome shadows in such instances are great.
They give the vibe of several tones without looking garish.
MAC's Club is a favourite for this - especially layered over a black base it really intensifies the look.
The great thing about this shadow is that it is shot with brown so is very wearable, sultry and downright sexy!
Teamed with bronzed cheeks and nude (eek!) lips you are good to go.
This is a statement worth making.
I'd love to hear what looks you love for weddings and parties. Post a pic or two.

Love F x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I didn't win the lottery but I did win these!

Now I am not the kind of gal who wins things (lottery, bingo or Scrabble... FYI I have never played bingo) but after posting some reviews on the Organic Surge website I was lucky to win some goodies.. the fab Five Bundle to be precise. I already use some of the products in the range and I love those (Daily Facial Wash, Gentle Meadow Hand & Nail Cream and Moisture Boost Shampoo), so to sample some others was a treat.
Here's what I won.

A quick low-down of the products:
Daily Facial Wash - gentle and non irritating /doesn't leave skin feeling tight or dry.
Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel - some may not like the fragrance, but not over powering. A good wake me up.
Spiced Lily Foaming Bath -  makes me want to fall asleep and drift off to exotic climes.
Gentle Meadow Body Lotion -  didn't think this would be hydrating/nourishing enough for me but I was proved wrong. I am a cocoa butter fan, really enjoyed using this and felt refreshing on the skin - good for hot/sticky days.
Blissful Daily Moisturiser - I did use this when it first launched in Boots, good for normal/sensitive skins - I need something a little more richer.

Overall, I am really impressed with the products. I love the ethos of the company - it does not use parabens, sls,and is free from harsh chemicals , and is so reasonably priced.

I would totally recommend checking out the range - whether your a teen getting serious about skincare or someone who loves to love their skin (in all its wholesome-ness). Discover HERE (limited two for three offer currently on).

Love F x

Mad Men inspired

Not a particularly original post I admit but I love the colour combination I used for this look.
All the products mentioned are very pigmented so I advise building up the colour gradually to achieve the intensity you like.
I love this look for summer days and it makes me happy!


 Skin:  Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15
          MAC Select Moisturecover concealer
Eyes: Shu Uemura eyeshadow in ME Orange 250 (love this colour)
         MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Cheeks: MAC Salsa Rose (may not be available/or in Pro stores only)
Lips: MAC impassioned lipstick

I would love to know what summer looks you are rocking and the inspiration behind them.
Love F x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee face

It's bank holiday weekend here in the UK and thanks to Queenie it's a four day break... yayy!
Except true to Blighty weather it has been wet, cold and very grey... boo.
So to pull myself out of further glumness (purely weather related) I put on some slap and headed out to a party. It may have been a kiddies do, but the jubilation of the Jubilee was definately the focus.
I am mad for red lippy and Pixi's succulent lip twin in Poppy Red helped me to get in the mood.

                                                 The mug shot
P.S This colour is great for the cheeks too. Don't be scared by the colour as it blends beautifully. I prepped lips with No 7  Lip definer in Redd.
I'd love to know what makeup looks you lovely readers have been rocking for this holidays.
Love F x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Recommended read

Heart warming and breaking at the same time.  Love F x

Lip lust

                                                        Pink Punch Maybelline

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lip lust

                                                     MAC's Ruby Woo

Quick summer face

The weather is hot and the mood good.
Not wanting to spend ages doing my makeup in the morning this look has been my go to look.
It's really quick and easy and involves my favourite orange/coral tones.

Here's what I've been using: Face: Bourjois healthy Mix Foundation in shade 56, MAC Moisturecover concealer in 30, Shu Uemura brow pencil in Stone gray, Eyes: MAC tan pigment (also on cheeks), Bourjois  Volumizer mascara, Cheeks: MAC tan pigment and cream coluor base Virgin Isle (must have purchase), lips: Maybelline Coral Tonic.

It really is a nice, glowy look for sunny days and super easy.

Tell me what are your favourite quick summer looks?

Love F x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Illamasqua investments i.e Haul ( a mini one)!

In Bloggers/vloggers-ville the term 'haul' is banded about with great relish. Robin Hood has got his swag and he is gonna flaunt it in yer face! While I am not against this, I do feel that some hauls are recorded to induce envy and invariably dear reader the blogger/vlogger 'I can out-haul you' competitition begins. Perhaps that is just the cynic in me. I have read other blogs that genuinely want to share their thoughts /findings and it is these gems which are the more satsifying.
So with that all said I am going to share a few purchases -does this make me a hypocrite? A few weeks ago I attended the Illamasqua Masterclass and decided to make a few purchases. I've called this post 'investment' as I think when you make a purchase (and not a cheap one) you are buying into not just a product but the promises it also makes. Whether it is the longevity of the foundation, the lip plumping attributes of a gloss or the crease proof shadow we all get drawn in. So back to the products

Euyrydice, LE Skin Base in Au and Medium pencil in Devotion.                          

So why these?
I am a huge fan of bright pink lips and am always on the hunt for a bright matte one. After looking at the colour swatch online and swatching it in the store it fitted my bill. I have worn this several times now and like the fact that it is not too drying on the lips and lasts well. It does wear but not in a horrid  'I have line around my mouth' kind of way.
The medium pencil is a  pastel/minty shade that I wanted for my kit and it is a shade that is hard to find. I will say that this pencil is hard to line your water line with and is better used to sketch on lids. You need to build the colour for a more intensity.

LE Au Skin Base has been cracked open and while I love the colour and gold fleck - it has caused me to have a break out. It really needs to be tested out a few more times before I can give a final verdict.

Tell me what your 'investments' are and did they live up to their claims?

Love F x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sssshhh..... I don't do nude.

There I've said it. I won't apologise and I won't be ashamed, but nude lips don't really do it for me.
You see at heart, in the depths of my soul I am a bright lip girl. Just the juiciness and ripenss of colour makes me tingle with excitement. The neon lip trend has me in its clutches, and well a red lip is so devilishly delicious.
But even in the midst of this technicolour typhoon I appreciate that some looks need, nay must be accompanied by the nude lip.
There some ladies who just rock this look so well... Jolie, Bardot (in her heyday) and the batty/beautiful Claudia Winkleman. On me I feel like there is something missing. It isn't even about tones, I just feel cadaver-ish and well naked (ironic huh).
My collection of nudes is not so great (well seven lipsticks, six lipglosses and a few pencils for luck - if you call that not much), they are however kit essentials as many brides request the no-makeup/makeup look.

But here's a snapshot of my little collection.
From the top: 
Chanel Rouge Coco - 05 Mademoiselle
Estee lauder - Crystal Baby
MAC - Kinda Sexy
MAC -  Jubilee
MAC - Twig
Revlon - Soft Rose
                                                     Burberry - Rosewood

I have swatched each repeatedly to draw out the colour.

From the top:
Collection 2000 creme puff - Angel Delight
Urban Decay - Wallflower
Ciate (no name came free with Marie Claire)
Revlon - Peach Petal 
DuWop - Buttercup
Nars - Chelsea Girl

You can see they are a more pinky nude which I think is more flattering. A light application or with your fingers gives a subtle definition to lips (or cheeks), or add lipliner for a really Pammy Anderson pout.
Tell me what are your nude must haves?
Oh and FYI I don't do gloss either.
Love F x
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Friday, 18 May 2012

Special event at Something old Something new

Are you getting married or know someone who is? This could be just the thing.
Bridal Boutique owner Karen is holding a two day sale on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May.
For details see  HERE!

Love F x

Illamasqua - Master class Black Beauty

On Monday I attended the Illamasqua Black Beauty masterclass at their flagship store Beak Street.
The hugely talented and witty David Horne held court as he demonstrated techniques to enhance the depth and richness of dark skin beauties.
Using Illmasaqua's Skin Base foundations created for the darker hue in mind David worked like an alchemist mixing shades to create a super flawless face that radiated with dimension. As an observer sitting in the front row he made it look effortless and flawless.
The class was delivered with humour and passion and as an MUA I came out feeling I had learnt so much more.
Unfortunately, due to forgetting my camera I have no pictures of the event (that's what happens when your a fledgling blogger and a little over awed to meet David). But I can reveal I met the lovely Jane Bradley (MUA to Leona Lewis and currently working with Liz Earle Cosmetics).
I also purchased the limited edition Skin Base in Au - olive with golden highlights.
It is soooo prrreeettty. I would advise using in strategically on the face or you may end up looking like a disco ball (absolutely fine if that is the look your digging). Otherwise mix with a little body lotion and stroke lovingly over your limbs for a really sexy, sheeny glow.
Skin Base is available in an array of colours from the very pale to super intense deep (Alek Wek to quote David)!  HERE!

Love F X

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Signature look - Mind the face!

Hi all, Firstly apologies ... ( I sense a theme) for my hiatus (bloggers/vloggers love that word). I wish I could tell you all that I was on some amazing world tour or stranded on a beautiful desert island, but the truth is I was lacking in motivation and inspiration for a while. I have also been busy studying for my Thai Yoga qualification (my second love). Immersing myself in this wonderful therapy has been transformational on so many levels - from the wonderful teacher Kira Balakas http://www.thaiyogamassage.co.uk/tutor.html, fellow students and the practice itself. I'll save the hyperbole for my other blog http://lovingkindness-thaiyogamassage.blogspot.co.uk/.

Now back to makeup. There is always talk in magazines, blogs and televison style shows about signature looks. You know how Helena Bonham rocks up at an awards ceremony looking like she is still on the film set of a Tim Burton movie (for the record I love them both and salute her choices). Anna Wintour with her perfect bob and dark glasses... get my drift. Well signature looks got me thinking about the signature face and some iconic looks that are forever imprinted on our minds. In my head I rock the French bare face and  slash of red/orange lip, reality is a little foundation here, a sweep of eyeliner there and a lot of cheek (an elegant Aunt Sally). See below!!!
And the others....

  Love F x