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Monday, 28 May 2012

Illamasqua investments i.e Haul ( a mini one)!

In Bloggers/vloggers-ville the term 'haul' is banded about with great relish. Robin Hood has got his swag and he is gonna flaunt it in yer face! While I am not against this, I do feel that some hauls are recorded to induce envy and invariably dear reader the blogger/vlogger 'I can out-haul you' competitition begins. Perhaps that is just the cynic in me. I have read other blogs that genuinely want to share their thoughts /findings and it is these gems which are the more satsifying.
So with that all said I am going to share a few purchases -does this make me a hypocrite? A few weeks ago I attended the Illamasqua Masterclass and decided to make a few purchases. I've called this post 'investment' as I think when you make a purchase (and not a cheap one) you are buying into not just a product but the promises it also makes. Whether it is the longevity of the foundation, the lip plumping attributes of a gloss or the crease proof shadow we all get drawn in. So back to the products

Euyrydice, LE Skin Base in Au and Medium pencil in Devotion.                          

So why these?
I am a huge fan of bright pink lips and am always on the hunt for a bright matte one. After looking at the colour swatch online and swatching it in the store it fitted my bill. I have worn this several times now and like the fact that it is not too drying on the lips and lasts well. It does wear but not in a horrid  'I have line around my mouth' kind of way.
The medium pencil is a  pastel/minty shade that I wanted for my kit and it is a shade that is hard to find. I will say that this pencil is hard to line your water line with and is better used to sketch on lids. You need to build the colour for a more intensity.

LE Au Skin Base has been cracked open and while I love the colour and gold fleck - it has caused me to have a break out. It really needs to be tested out a few more times before I can give a final verdict.

Tell me what your 'investments' are and did they live up to their claims?

Love F x


  1. that skin base looks nice! I've always wanted to try, but since you said breakout, I'm having second thoughts.

  2. We've had very hot weather here in London, not sure if the weather caused a mild breakout or the foundation. Will be using it on a client on Monday so I'll ask their opinion too. Still a nice foundation, but requires really working into the skin x