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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Signature look - Mind the face!

Hi all, Firstly apologies ... ( I sense a theme) for my hiatus (bloggers/vloggers love that word). I wish I could tell you all that I was on some amazing world tour or stranded on a beautiful desert island, but the truth is I was lacking in motivation and inspiration for a while. I have also been busy studying for my Thai Yoga qualification (my second love). Immersing myself in this wonderful therapy has been transformational on so many levels - from the wonderful teacher Kira Balakas http://www.thaiyogamassage.co.uk/tutor.html, fellow students and the practice itself. I'll save the hyperbole for my other blog http://lovingkindness-thaiyogamassage.blogspot.co.uk/.

Now back to makeup. There is always talk in magazines, blogs and televison style shows about signature looks. You know how Helena Bonham rocks up at an awards ceremony looking like she is still on the film set of a Tim Burton movie (for the record I love them both and salute her choices). Anna Wintour with her perfect bob and dark glasses... get my drift. Well signature looks got me thinking about the signature face and some iconic looks that are forever imprinted on our minds. In my head I rock the French bare face and  slash of red/orange lip, reality is a little foundation here, a sweep of eyeliner there and a lot of cheek (an elegant Aunt Sally). See below!!!
And the others....

  Love F x                                      

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