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I am a naughty girl with a bad habit... a bad habit for all things beautifying and seductively glamourous. Mr Tom Ford is my not so secret crush and don't get me started on the genius of Mad Men. So please join me in my expedition of Beautyland and all things deliciously decadent. And when I am not immersing myself in Beautyland I am imbuing myself in the world of Loving Kindness - Thai Yoga Massage. Please visit my blog Loving Kindness to explore this wonderful domain.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Just for fun

It is January and quite frankly my least favourite month. The post Christmas/ New Year (and any other festivity you would like to add) gloom is lingering in the air and I need a distraction!
A cool and hilarious find has been Mad Men: The Illustrated World by Dyna Moe.
It is a wonderfully tongue in cheek look at the series and the period it reflects.
If the Joan paper cut out doll does not get you, then indulge in all the cocktail recipes you could think of! So grab that shaker and have yourself a merry January... Salute!
F x

Monday, 10 January 2011

Black Swan

Indulge your creative side and feel inspired by the make up in Black Swan... confidence and a killer look is all you need.

F x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Oooh ahh just a little bit...

January is that time of year when new year resolutions come into fruition and usually involve some kind of fitness/weight loss regimen.

You cannot escape the numerous celebrity workout DVDs that are littering up shop shelves... even perhaps your homes. By March ( I am being generous here ) the momentum is lost and Easter chocolate bunnies are on the mind.

For any real fitness programme to work you have to enjoy it and look forward to doing it. It becomes integral to your every day routine. By that time, the positive effects go way beyond the physical and an overall feeling of well being is also experienced.

For a number of years I have being doing Hatha Yoga on and off. I began by going to a class locally and progressed to one-to-one sessions with the incredible instructor. When that stopped I needed something fresh and innovate: Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Due to the lack of a local class available I purchased the Shiva Rea Daily Energy DVD and begun to do it everyday ( you can do 20 minutes or longer practices ) . A year on I feel energetic and centred.... strong and flexible and happy.

For further information go to:

 However, my current obsession is the New York City Ballet Workout... Beautiful dancers and in the privacy of your own home you can pretend to be the Sugar Plum Fairy.

F x

Burn baby burn...

The weather is frightful and the nights are long and no amount of fake tan is faking you into feeling fabulous.
That is when I say 'burn baby burn'... a candle ot two that is... Please observe all health and safety rules for one's own protection!

New research states that everyday smells have a huge impact on our physical, emotional  and mental well being. This is not grounding breaking news... how many of us have been transported to half forgotten memories just by a whiff of a scent? The scent in question could be a perfume, a food or arising from nature itself. The point is that it takes us to a place that in most cases encapsulates a happy time. For the fragrance/ book geeks among us Peter Suskind's novel Perfume is a must read.

With this in mind  a candle or two may be the best January pick me up needed.

For those of us with cash still to splash post Christmas Tom Ford's New Private Blend Candles are luxuriously scented and look devastatingly stylish in any room. At £50, not Mulberry wallet friendly but when you have offerings like Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather it gives your half burned Diptyque a run for its money.

 A more affordable purchase (and with a greater variety to choose from) the Yankee Candles range is suberb. Misletoe and Fig featured heavily in my home to add to the Christmas feeling.

F x


Dear all,
I would like to begin by apologising for my long absence.
The unfortunate combination of illness ( I had a virus) and internet provider issues I was not able to update the blog.
However, with a spritz of TF's Black Orchid on my decolletage and a slash of True Coral on my lips (Santa was good to me) I am ready to rock.
F x