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Friday, 3 December 2010

New Skoda Fabia Advert - Full of lovely stuff

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

These are a few of more favourite things....

Yes I love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (I have two teen cats), but my absolutely favourite things are the pots and potions, ungents and balms, and bottles of elixirs containing untold promises.

The allure and slow seduction these products gets me everytime and if they are promising me a better version of myself then why not!

Let's face it we all want beautiful, soft, flawless healthy looking skin.
It is the holy grail to be sought... relentlessly, and any product that is going to help me achieve it I am there.
In my teens I was a Nivea and Simple girl (affordable and readily available), early twenties ( and with some cash to splash) Clinique's 3 Step offering dominated my bathroom shelf. As my twenties hurtled towards the big 30 so my skin protested and Dermalogica was new new love (and still is). From their Special Cleanising Gel, Ultracalming Cleanser, Daily Microfoliant and Skin Smoothing Cream the products are lovely to use and consistently deliver. My one gripe is that you need to know a good salon stockist and one who replenish their items regularly!
Here and now.....mid-ish thirties and skin that is not as taut or plump as I would like I have fallen in love with the Liz Earle range. Please do believe the hype about the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (my skin is softer and feels nourished). I am also using Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (leave it in the fridge for a really refreshing eye boost). So good are the products that my eldest sister has her own mini PR campaign going converting her friends to the vitues of C&P.
Other hero products include Ole Henrickson's Blackcurrant Complexion Oil (for when my skin needs some TLC) and Skin Inhalation Therapy.
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