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I am a naughty girl with a bad habit... a bad habit for all things beautifying and seductively glamourous. Mr Tom Ford is my not so secret crush and don't get me started on the genius of Mad Men. So please join me in my expedition of Beautyland and all things deliciously decadent. And when I am not immersing myself in Beautyland I am imbuing myself in the world of Loving Kindness - Thai Yoga Massage. Please visit my blog Loving Kindness to explore this wonderful domain.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Tom Ford Makeup

The visuals say it all really.
Beautiful, luxe, and highly desirable.
F x


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  2. Thank you Dee.
    Good luck with your blog.
    F x

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  4. I'm a great fan of his perfumes. Tobacco vanille and black orchid.