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Saturday, 10 September 2011

The books of my life

Inspired by the Pixiwoo sisters blog post (Soundtrack of my life). I thought I would follow suit and write a post of the books that have marked different periods of my life.

Mr Men
I loved reading as a child and would go to the library to devour this series.
Later on when I became an aunt to nine... yes nine nephews and nieces I bought several copies to read to the little blighters! To make it more fun for them I would put on different accents (badly) to make the story come alive (ahem).

NB  Little Miss books are now also available.

Gobolino The Witch's Cat
Oh how I love, love this book.
I remember my teacher at Primary School reading this to the class during story time.
Poor Gobolino. Born a witch's cat but rejected as he did not conform to the ideal.
Reminds me of happy times at school.

George's Marvellous Medicine (in fact all Roald Dahl books)
I love the imagination and fun revolting-ness of his books.
He really captured the spirit of children and made them the heros of the tales.
His books kept my love of reading going... Also the only thing my Dad could not not justify paying for (educational you see)! That's Asian parents for you... Read and one day you'll be a Doctor!

Interview With A Vampire
As a morose and quite frankly angry teen I started to immerse myself in all things dark and brooding.
I dyed my hair jet black in our white bathroom. I tried to convince my dad the stains where from my ink pen - he knew I was lying clearly from the dye stains on my cheeks!
To compliment the look I coloured my brows in with a black shadow.  Slugs as eyebrows... mmmm how attractive.
So all things goth and romantic.... Anne Rice thank you.

To Kill A Mockingbird
Inspired my early ambitions to study law.
I did... but Atticus Finch I was not.
I hate injustice but sadly it happens all the time.
Me at this stage: Young and idealistic ( me now young... some would say immature and cynical). Boo!

A Suitable Boy
This is an epic novel but beautifully written.
During this time in my life chatter with my friends mainly consisted about boys and as many of them were Asian...the premise of this book is quite fitting.

The Great Gatsby
Reminds me of studying for my A Levels and working really hard to get into university.
The perfect poetic novel in every way. I refuse to watch the film starring Robert Redford as I feel it will not do justice to the book. Baz Luhrman is currently filming his own version and I looking forward to it. I love Baz and the amazing vividness to his films (just watch Romeo and Juliet with a very young Di Caprio). Cannot wait.

The Go Between
Mr Barwise my English teacher always chose books that challenged us and  really drew on our emotions.
Such a sad and poignant story. Echoed how I felt during the time.

Suite Francais
A remarkable book written by a remarkable woman.
I took over a year to read it as I did not want to finish it.
It covers loss, love, unhappiness and moral dilemmas.... safe to say things we may all have  come across in our own lives.

The list is no means exhausitve and I could go on.
I also love poetry : William Blake, TS Eliot, Hardy, Edgar Allan Poe, Wedy Cope, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, Christina Rossetti to name but a few.

Thomas Hardy's Woman Much Missed - for my mum ( she died in 1999 at during my third year at Univeristy. At the time I was in Maastricht studying).

Dylan Thomas' Do not go gentle in to that good night - for my dad ( he died 2006 at home suddenly).

Tell me about your life in books.

F x


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