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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kiss me

I have realised that I have been re-miss in writing any beauty related posts, whilst wittering away about other interests.
Apologies dear readers. Now to kissing... specifically lips.
I feel compelled to share a secret, well addiction really. Breathe... I am Farrah and I am a lip balm addict.
Yes you have read correctly. Not lipstick (gasp) but lip balms.
I love them, like a dog loves a bone.
I can trace this pecularity back to my childhood when I would eye up the little tubes of lip salve in a chemist.
Having older sisters who were already buying make up and wearing it in a rather distinct 80s fashion would have this little gems languishing at the bottom of their school bags. I  would smuggle them out and apply liberally over my own lips.
So to now as a 30 something lay-dee and keen to keep my lips looking soft and juicy (ahem). I list below a few tried and tested favourites. These are also repeat buys which I think is a good indication of a product and its effectiveness.

Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream
A true hero product. Not just good for lips but other dry/chapped bits too.
A staple in makeup artists bags as can be used to gloss eyelids and face for that lush wet look.
Did you know Arden originally created this for her horses?  The lucky mares! 

Dr Lipp - Original Nipple Balm for lips
Does what it says on the tube... another multi purpose balm. A good one for one nursing mums as it does not have the medicinal smell of EA's Eight Hour Cream.

Biosen - Hydrating Lip Balm
This is a recent purchase and so far so good.
It is a little misleading to call it a balm - more of a runny creamy texture and requires a little more rubbing in.
However, by working the cream into the lips you do feel you are getting into the fibres of the lips and alleviating and dryness. feels comfortable on the lips too without any white residue which balms can sometimes do).

Clinique - Superbalm
This stuff comes in a array of colours and is amazing on the lips.
I love this for smoothing dry lips and adding a hit of colour.
I have yet to use Clinique's Chubby Sticks but for now there is only one superbalm.


What about drugstore brands?
There are plenty to choose from- Carmex, Vaseline, Palmers and even Sleek have their little tinted version in pots. But for me when it comes to the roughness on lips a super hydrating and comfortable balm is what I need.
Brands still to try: Lucas Paw Paw Ointment and Lanolips (Dr Lipp but prettier??)
What are your favourite brands?

A quick note on lip care
The lips do not have sweat glands which makes them more prone to dryness. Add to the mix lashing winds and hostile weather conditions and your lips are going to feel more parched than the Nevada Desert.
Keep a balm in you bag, place of work, even bed side table and apply liberally.
A good tip is to exfoliate the lips GENTLY with an old toothbrush or lip scrub (LUSH do an amazing trio).
Now pucker up and get kissing!

F x

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